'Providing Officials - Promoting and Enhancing Rugby'


TRRA conduct weekly training and development sessions during the season. These include presentations, workshops, and practical session to ensure every referee is up to speed with all things refereeing. Much of the training is interactive with plenty of healthy discussion about the phases of the game.  

The meetings are facilitated by our National Squad & Premier Club Referees and they use resources developed by NZ Rugby. At times we will include input from rugby team coaches to ensure there is a “connect” between how the game is being played and how referees officiate the game. 

In the early part of the season, new referees are given the opportunity to have additional training to assist them with the running lines & positional requirements of refereeing. 

Referee coaches view your refereeing and will provide feedback and advice to ensure you are continuing to grow. We also look to video parts of games and this aids greatly in refereeing development. 

The year's Training and Development program can be viewed here


Additional Courses (more information can be found on the Resource Page): 

- Rugby Smart: A compulsory workshop for ALL coaches and referees hosted by the TRFU on behalf of New Zealand Rugby and ACC. This session covers off the important safety aspects of the game.  

- Blue Card: Every referee who is involved in community rugby from Secondary School 1st XV level up will undergo Blue Card training before the start of the season. This gives referees the right to issue a Blue Card if they suspect a player has concussion. The TRFU will then assist that player and the club with the return-to-play protocol. 

- Associate Referee: This course is  for coaches at a Small Blacks level (U13 below) which allows them to referee their matches if a TRRA referee has not been appointed to a game. This is a foundations referee course and covers areas such as tackle/ruck, lineout, scrum, and management.  

Please check out the resource page to see dates for these courses.