'Providing Officials - Promoting and Enhancing Rugby'

Executive Committee

The committee’s role is to set the strategic direction of the Taranaki Rugby Referees Association and ensure there are policies & procedures in place to achieve it’s goals.

The primary goal of the Taranaki Rugby Referees Association is to: 'Provide Officials – Promote and Enhance Rugby'

The Executive Committee is elected at the AGM which is usually held in November of each year It comprises the following positions in accordance with the TRRA Constitution:   

Current Officers

  • President (Joe Deegan)
  • Vice President (Lionel Shaw - Chairperson)
  • Secretary/Treasurer  (Stu Waite)
  • 4 Committee Members
    • Two representing the New Plymouth District (Dwayne Keegan, Tim Biesiek)
    • One representing the Stratford District (Trent Mischefski)
    • One representing the South Taranaki District (Cam Hurley)
  • The committee members elect a Chairman from amongst their number, currently Lionel Shaw.

Each Executive Committee Member is assigned to a Portfolio as follows:

  • Finance
    • Fundraising
    • Sponsorship
  • Referees Affairs
    • To provide a confidential means for referees to air grievances
    • To handle disciplinary matters where a referee has breached TRRA rules
  • Gear Steward
    • To obtain, maintain stocks of & distribute referee apparel
  • Judiciary
    • Ensure that Referees involved in Judiciary Hearings are supported
    • Provide Judiciary Hearings with specialist Law knowledge where required
  • TRFU Delegate
    • A member of the TRRA Executive Committee is elected to the TRFU Rugby Operations Advisory Committee