'Providing Officials - Promoting and Enhancing Rugby'

Senior Appointments Board

Our Senior Appointments Board (SAB) is comprised of 3 previous referees. The SAB is voted on by TRRA Members for a 3 year term, and elects one of the members to chair the SAB meetings.

The SAB is then responsible for appointing our referees to appropriate games for all rugby grades, taking into account the referee's fitness, skill level and previous games. The appointments process starts about 10 days out from game day, with the referee coaches all meeting to discuss the performance of the referees that they viewed the previous weekend. Then the SAB works with our Appointments Coordinator, Rob, to sort out who will referee which games, and provisional appointments are sent out at the end of the weekend prior to game day. Some changes may then occur during the next few days, due to sickness, injury or referees being unavailable, and the confirmed appointments are then published on our Facebook page normally on the Thursday before game day.

Our Senior Appointments Board members are:

Our Appointments Coordinator is Rob Lord - email taranakirefs@gmail.com - for all grades (Morning, Secondary School and Afternoon grades)

We always welcome feedback on our referee's performance. Please feel free to email Rob on the email address above with this feedback.​​​​​​​