'Providing Officials - Promoting and Enhancing Rugby'


TRRA Life memberships are awarded to those members who have provided exemplary service to our association, and are showen in chronological order, along with the year they were made a life member.

1925G Hopkins
1925T Petty
1925B Petty
1925A Lees
1925F Spurdle
1927F Roberts
1927W Roch
1927J Johnson
1927A F Neilson
1929F Webb
1930A R Davis
1930F Mason
1931L J Furrie
1931A H Guy
1932F Julian
1949P Rangi
1950E C C Pellowe
1951F Hooker
1953J G Leach
1954S W T Hunt
1956W S Tompkins
1961A M O'Sullivan
1963G Sullivan
1964G C Grace
1969W E Sanger
1969N J Mail
1970R E Griffin
1970I W Wallace
1976R A Lithgow
1979D I Corbett
1980D H Bell
1981B P Oakes
1986B W Duffy
1986V J Smith
1989G Espin
1990G Barnard
1990C Feek
1990W B MacArthur
1990D Hodge
2001Murray Dombroski
2002Russel Hodge
2002Peter Anderson
2006Peter Gaines
2006Evan Cross
2012Stu Beissel
2012Bill Schrader
2013Ray Hopkinson
2020Lionel Shaw
2021Stuart Waite
2021Rob Lord