'Providing Officials - Promoting and Enhancing Rugby'


Our President is nominated and voted in by our members, at each AGM. They are the face of our organisation, and play a large role in the efficient operations of our association. Below is the list of our previous presidents, along with the year they were voted in.

1911F T Bellringer
1920A Lees
1922D J Malone
1924F Spurdle
1925A F Neilson
1926F A Hooker
1927H C Johnson
1928A H Guy
1929J Scrimgeour
1930R F Harkness
1931J F Kiley
1932A R Davis
1933F Briscoe
1934L H Clapham
1935A B Bullot
1936R R Tyrer
1937A E Stevens
1938F J Eggleton
1939A M O'Sullivan
1940H R Elgar
1941S W T Hunt
1944A H Guy
1945G Sullivan
1946S Goodin
1947J Sheppard
1948A E Pollock
1949C D Tate
1950H V White
1951W S Tompkins
1952J B Grant
1953W E Sanger
1954A O Wallis
1955W M Nowel
1956L Ross
1957J Wingrove
1958A O Wallis
1959N J Mail
1960I G Elgar
1961T Smith
1962D I Corbett
1963D H Bell
1964R E Griffen
1965W B MacArthur
1966D I Corbett
1967C G Espin
1968B P Oakes
1969R L Allen
1970G Hawkins
1971M E Dombroski
1972B W Duffy
1973B K Carnachan
1974B Kettlewell
1975D C Wheeler
1976R A Fagan
1977G D Lock
1978V J Smith
1979K Hurley
1980D C Wheeler
1981G Kivell
1982D Hodge
1983P W Johnston
1984D Stockman
1985G Dunlop
1986R Hodge
1987R Hodge
1988R A Lithgow
1992R Milham
1993D Hodge
1995M Smith
1997W Schrader
2007R Hopkinson
2022J Deegan (Current)